Outside the Ring: Sam Hadfield

An interview with Sam Hadfield, by Jill Diamond

“Be careful who you meet on the Internet! You just never know. That may be, but then how would’ve I been able to reach over mountains, under oceans and across continents to discover a protagonist like Sam Hadfield? I live in New York and he, as you’ll learn, is very much a citizen of the UK. Whenever people knock sites like Facebook, I think about people like Sam, and how good thoughts and deeds stretch thousands of miles, inspiring and resonating where needed. If I never meet another Sam Hadfield, I’ll remember him, and die smiling.”
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Training kids of the Andover Estate – see the photos!

We would like to give a big thanks to all the Caris trainers and boxers who came on to the Andover estate with us on June 26th to train the kids of the Andover Estate.

It was another full swing session and well done to all the kids that turned up – there was some real talent and the girls seemed to out-number the boys this week!

Here is a selection of photos: